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Ladies heated vest, 3 heating, 4 heating zones, washable neck heating jacket

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100% nylon
The built-in high-quality carbon fiber heating element and three heating levels (approximately 140, 122, and 1144 degrees Fahrenheit) can generate consistent heat for the four core body parts (including the neck, back, abdomen and waist), thereby helping to maintain Warm the body, promote blood circulation, relieve muscle pain and tension.
Clean and customized design: Lightweight insulating material allows you to wear without restriction during exercise; waterproof and windproof. Machine washable.
Long-lasting warmth-the large-capacity 10000mah power supply (not included) battery can provide more than 10 hours of heat and can be used to charge mobile devices. The waterproof outer layer ensures that you stay dry and comfortable.
For any reason, the temperature in this area will be heated to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, if the temperature exceeds 150 degrees Fahrenheit, the sensor will be heated immediately. You can reopen the vest after it has cooled down, or if the problem persists, please contact us. Ensure safety while maintaining insulation.
This electric vest helps promote blood circulation and relieve muscle pain. It is ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, skiing, fishing, hunting, standing guards or daily office work.
Easy to care: durable fabric and carbon fiber heating elements can be hand and machine washed completely and safely. The heating element and vest structure design can withstand more than 50 machine wash cycles.